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Wood floor Cleaning

hardwood floor

How do we clean the wood or laminate floors?

Use a dry dust collector to dust, sweep or vacuum regularly. Always follow the manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations, if known.

When the cleaning no longer restores the shine, re-coat the floor with a surface finish. The frequency of repainting depends on the amount of traffic.

Never wax a floor with a surface finish, and never use vinyl floor or tile care products on any hardwood floor.


Recommended Maintenance Schedule

  •   Daily: Sweep or dust mop
  •  Weekly: Vacuum using the bare floor setting
  •  Monthly: Clean with recommended wood flooring cleaner
  •  Every 3 – 5 Years: Maintenance coat
  •  Every Few Decades: Sand and refinish

Floor Cleaning


BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner, 2039A

Hardwood Floor Mop

  • Powered hard floor mop scrubs your floors so you don’t have to
  • Safe for cleaning sealed, hard-surface floors ; 28 ounce clean water tank capacity. Power Rating : 0.9 Amps
  • Includes soft touch pads for gentle cleaning on hardwood floors and scrubby pads for tough, sticky messes
  • Price $ 99.99